MUG is a marketing kit for increasing in value of cultural Heritage, that permits to prepare promotion plans for cultural Organizations, museums, exhibition venues, archaeological sites, cultural festival, institutions, archives, libraries, foundations and cultural districts.
MUG works in order that all these Organizations obtain economical, cultural and social benefits from Heritage.
MUG, a pure Heritage company.

MUG works:

all-inclusive: all strategies move from planning and arrive in organization and managerial actions.
with flexibility: every strategy is customized on involved body and bases its effectiveness not on general thesis but on specific analysis.
with modularity: every actions of strategy is practicable both as part of plan, and as unique specific action.

MUG makes system to permit to:

 Cultural Organizations to target with precision their actions.
Institutional Bodies to address public grants in right direction.
Tourism promotion Bodies to integrate their efforts with all cultural system.
Private Companies to find in culture an effective partner.

 MUG, a pure Heritage company.

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