Cultrack is a project for tracking cultural trends which animate social events and specify cultural Organizations.
Cultrack is a research to reveal the shapes of continuous cultural changing in effect of our society.
Cultrack is a method to acquire managerial capacities to launch and sell cultural products and service.
Cultrack, a pure Heritage company.

The Cultrack research selects and analyzes trends inside society:

Psycographical, to describe dynamics typical
  of cultural heritage.
Behaviour, to understand cultural habits.

The Cultrack research studies collected and prepare analysis of macro-marketing and of micro-marketing, with different levels of detail and depth, according to demand requests.

This approach permits.

to provide cultural Organizations with social-cultural capital to found a mutual grant relationship with sponsors and supporting bodies
to entitle cultural executives to share selections for new services and products launching and for old-ones managing.

Cultrack, a pure Heritage company.

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