The starting point to empower marketing strategies for cultural Heritage is tracking cultural trends, which animate social events and specify cultural Organizations like important socializing agencies.
Tracking means segmenting cultural demand, it means understanding how culture concept changes, it means how visit of museums and artistic sites happens and it means analyzing requests in cultural field.
Cultrack is a project to follow these cultural tracks, to identify them and to use them for empowering correct marketing plan for cultural Heritage.
Cultrack is a research to reveal the shapes of continuous cultural changing in effect of our society.
Using Cultrack is to acquire a method for launching and selling cultural products and services: Cultrack, the soul of a pure heritage company.

The finish line in which the goals of marketing for cultural Heritage arrive is MUG, Museum and Gain.
MUG is a marketing kit for development of cultural Heritage, a kit to prepare promotion plans for cultural Organizations, museums, exhibition venues, archaeological sites, cultural festival, institutions, archives, libraries, foundations and cultural districts.
MUG works in order that all these Organizations obtain economical, cultural and social benefits from Heritage: MUG, the goal of a pure Heritage company.

Between the starting point, Cultrack, and the finish line, MUG, interface themselves needs and request of who wants organization of cultural events, of who visits cultural centre, of who chooses culture, art, history and landscape like the source from which to feel pleasure, beauty and to derive learning.

Cultrack and MUG, a pure Heritage company.

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